Service Rates:


Dedicated to professional quality work.

The proper care and maintenance of your bicycle is essential to keeping it performing the way you expect it to. Properly tuned equipment is critical not only for optimizing your performance, but also for maintaining the level of control you need to achieve the result you are looking for when trying to conquer that expert section you have been trying to clear. Certified Technicians at CYCLEVOLUTION can perform the highest level of services and maintenance that will ensure the reliability, longevity and safety of your bike while on the trail or road.

At CYCLEVOLUTION, we’re passionate about making cycling enjoyable whether you’re riding a $150 or $10,000 bicycle. While most bikes are technically sound, improper positioning on the bike can result in a disappointing ride. Proper fitting ensures maximum comfort and a great ride with superior power/wattage. Anything less means riding with sore/numb hands, feet, and derriere, an inefficient performance, and ultimately a bike that ends up gathering dust. We are here to ensure every bike ride is a great ride!

* Frame Size
* Comfort Issues
* Handlebar Size & Position
* Aero Bar Setup
* Saddle Height and Position
* Reach, Stem Length and Angle
* Cleat Alignment
* Knee Over Pedal Spindle Alignment
* Laser precision measurements


*Excludes parts and installation labor. The fit price is refunded if you purchase a Frameset or bike within 6 months. Fit included with purchase of new bike.


Service Rates/Prices

All rates are based on a shop rate of $65 per hour. The minimum service charge is $5.00. An additional charge of $3 will be applied to to every service for Shop Supplies.

Basic Tune Up (single speed/kids bike) – $39.00 *parts NOT included.
Includes: Complete inspection of a single speed bike. Adjust headset bearings, and brakes. Wipe down the frame and lube chain. Brake pads, any cables, and installation are additional.

Basic/Annual Tune Up – $69.00 *parts NOT included.
Includes: Basic Tune Up plus adjust front and rear derailleurs, hubs and bottom bracket. Brake pads, any cables, and installation are additional.

Comprehensive Tune Up – $129.00 *parts NOT included.
Includes: Annual Tune up plus true and tension wheels and complete bike wash. Also includes installation of brake pads and any cables (pads and cables are additional).

Complete Overhaul – $199.00 *parts NOT included.
Includes: Complete disassembly of bike down to frame; thorough cleaning and inspection of frame; thorough washing of drive train in industrial parts cleaner; reassembly with new bearings and grease as needed. True and tension wheels, adjust front and rear hubs, front and rear derailleur, bottom bracket, headset bearings; adjust brakes and gears; wipe down the frame and lube chain. Also includes installation of brake pads and any cables (pads and cables are additional).


Suspension Forks/Shocks

Basic Fork Overhaul (no damping) – $69.00

Complete Fork Overhaul (with damping) – $109.00

Complete Rear Shock Overhaul – $49.00

Volume Spacer install – $10.00

Install Shock – $19.00

Install Fork – $39.00

Install Shock – $19.00

Surcharge Install DU Bushing – $25.00

Pivot Overhaul – $69.00/h


Bike Assembly

New Box Assembly MTB/Road (from Manufacturer) – $79.00

New Box assembly SS Cruiser, BMX, Kids Bike (from Manufacturer)  – $49.00

New Box Build Tandem/Tricycle (from Manufacturer) – $129.00

Disassemble Bike for Shipping – $79.00

Cleaning, Tuning and Prepping Bike for Sale. Includes Picture Package – $69.00


Bike Build

Pro Build / Tune MTB/Road – $400.00

Surcharge Pro Build with Transferred Parts (Strip and Rebuild) – $50.00

Shimano Di2 complete installation (standard install) – $300.00

Shimano Di2 complete installation (custom setups) – $450.00

Warranty Strip and Rebuild (CE Bikes Only) – $125.00



Bottom Bracket Shell Face/Chase – $45.00

Headtube Face/Ream – $35.00

Align Dropouts – $10.00

Adjust/Align/Instal Der. Hanger – $15.00



Install Tire or Tube – $6.99

Install Tire or Tube (Internal Hub) – $15.00

Tubeless Set-Up (supply not included) – $25.00

Glue Tubular Tire (new Tire & Rim) – $25.00

Glue Tubular Tire (new Tire & used Rim) – $40.00

Adjust Hub (each) – $10.00

Overhaul Hub (each) – $25.00

Overhaul Chris King Hub – $60.00

True Wheel – $15.00

True Wheel with Spoke Install. *parts extra – $35.00

Surcharge Spoke Install with Tune or Multiple Installs – $10.00

Complete Wheel Build (NEW) – $100.00


Lateral and Radial True


Correct Spoke Tension

Consistent Spoke Tension

Wheel Completely Distressed After Build

0.3mm Tolerances when built with new parts



Tune & Clean Drivetrain (with Purchase of New Chain) – $45.00

Adjust Front or Rear Derailleur – $10.00

Install Front or Rear Derailleur – $20.00

Install Shift Cable – $10.00

Install Shift Housing – $10.00

Install Shift Cable (Internal) – $20.00

Replace/Install Freewheel/Cassette – $10.00

Replace/Install Chainring(s) – $25.00

Replace/Install Crankset w/BB – $25.00

Adjust Bottom Bracket – $10.00

Overhaul Bottom Bracket – $30.00

Install Bottom Bracket – $25.00

Install New Chain – $8.00

Overhaul Pedal – $25.00

Install Pedals – $8.00

Adjust Cleats For Clipless Pedals – $15.00




Adjust Brake / Install Pad (non-disc) – $10.00

Adjust Brake / Install Pad (disc) – $20.00

Bleed Brake (each) – $29.00

Install Brake (non disc) – $15.00

Install Brake (disc) – $50.00

Install Brake Lever (non disc) – $12.00

Install Cable (inner wire only) – $10.00

Install Cable and Housing – $20.00

Install Cable (Internal) – $25.00

True Disc Brake Rotor – $15.00


Steering Components

Adjust Headset – $8.00

Overhaul Headset – $40.00

Install Headset – $30.00

Install Stem – $15.00

Install Handlebar (MTB) – $20.00

Install Handlebar (Road) – $40.00

Cut MTB Bar – $15.00

Install Grips – $8.00

Tape Handlebar – $20.00

Install Bar Ends – $8.00


Part/Accessories Install

Dropper Post Install, External – $30.00

Dropper Post Install, Internal – $45.00

Replace Dropper Cable, External *Parts extra – $15.00

Replace Dropper Cable, Internal *Parts extra – $25.00

Install Saddle – $8.00

Install Computer (Wireless) – $10.00

Install Computer (Wired) – $15.00

Install Baby Carrier- $25.00

Install Training Wheels- $10.00

Install Rear Rack – $20.00

Install Fenders – $20.00

Install Kick Stand – $5.00